211-V Plasma Cutter
Weapon Information


Schofield Tools




Mining Tool



Technical Specifications


Low-Medium (10-18)


6 Plasma Energy Batteries

Ammo Capacity:

20 Plasma Energy Batteries

Rate of Fire:


Effective Range:


Secondary Fire:

90 degree

Upgrade Circuit


The 211-V Plasma Cutter is a tool used to cut rocks and ore into smaller pieces. It is primarily used for smaller operations since it does not have much fire power. It can also be used for a surgical tool to cut through layers of skin and perform surgeries. It focuses more on precise areas and its two firing modes help adjust the angle for just the right shot.

However, it is used by the Dead Space: Break-Fast Universe's people as a weapon against the Necromorph hordes. It is one of the best weapons in the game requiring a low amount of Power Nodes to fully upgrade. For a weapon its size it has high fire power, quick firing speed, perfect firing modes for dismembering, high ammo capacity, and a quick reload time. It also has a special ability which lights whatever it hits on fire. However, this mainly happens when a sturdy object, such as a torso, is hit by the blast.

Dead Space: Break-Fast Universe

The 211-V Plasma Cutter appears in all the DS:B-F Universe's stories, as it is just that beast.

Dead Space: Break-Fast

Dead Space: Break-Fast: Ignition

Dead Space: Break-Fast: Extraction

Dead Space 2: Break-Fast

Dead Space 2: Break-Fast: Severed

Dead Space 2: Break-Fast: Squat to the Top

Dead Space 2: Break-Fast: Holy Spoons and the Marker

Dead Space: Break-Fast (mobile)


  • Due to the fact it has 90 degree firing modes and the ability to light bodies on fire, the user does not need to be a crack shot to kill a Necromorph. As enough shots to the body, along with the fire, will kill the Necromorph in under 10 shots. The fire it produces also has the ability to burn off limbs, which makes it ever more useful if the user is a terrible shot.