Brute DS2
  • Reminiscent of an animal rather than a human, they are the largest of the standard Necromorphs.
  • Brutes' movements resemble those of gorillas, as they both rely on their massive fists for locomotion.
  • Brutes will attempt to charge and pummel prey with their large, muscular arms and hardened foreheads.
  • They are also able to produce ranged attacks consisting of explosive organic bombs, provided that an arm or leg has been dismembered.
Notable member(s):
  • Krax

Brutes are among the strongest Necromorphs in the Dead Space: Break-Fast universe. They are a combination of multiple corpses fused together into one large being, are large and hardy, and usually extremely violent towards uninfected individuals.


Brutes are massive, hulking Necromorphs that were orginally man made, but can be made by Infectors/Marker's influence. The first Brute is called the Krax due to the first body used to create them. Michael Altman had to fight the Krax in a small circular arena when he was captured and taken hostage after sinking the Black Marker. He was killed by the Krax in the same manner as Isaac is (head bitten off and body ripped in half.) It is made up of at least three bodies but can be made of more.

It has a head that is probably around the hardness of iron and can tear through just about anything. It uses its massive arms as locomotion and means for attacking. It uses its legs for support and it appears that it cannot run without them, but it can hobble. Whenever the Brute losses an arm or its legs it will begin to launch "organic bombs" out of its mouth that slightly resembles the Puker's style of attacking.

Its weak spots are very easy to spot as they are a yellow pus, but do not explode. They are located at the shoulder joints and the leg joints. However, it is possibly to shoot its back or neck to kill it, but this will take a lot more ammo and time. Its front is heavily armored so it is pointless to shoot it, except the the specified weak points. Brutes usually charge in one direction and then stop to turn around and charge again, much resembling that of a bull.


There are only two known variants of Brutes.

Enhanced Brute

Enhanced Brutes are normal Brutes with black skin. However, they can take more damage and deal more damage which makes them extremely lethal.

Standard Brute

The standard Brute is basically what is described in the Description and has a somewhat pale color to it with spots of yellow, some pink, and blood.


  • The Tormentor and the Brute share some characteristics, and thus some people will mistake the Tormentor for an oversized Enhanced Brute.
  • Brutes are considered mini-bosses as you only encounter a few of them.