Like most of the rules and policies on this wiki, the blocking policy is basic and very simple to follow. When a user is blocked from the Dead Space Break-Fast Wiki, they are no longer allowed to edit anywhere on the wiki, but—depending on their behavior—they might still be allowed to edit their own talk page.

Reasons for Being Blocked

To make users familiar with the Dead Space Break-Fast Wiki's blocking policy, most of the reasons for being blocked will be the same.


Vandalism is the act of deliberately making malicious edits to articles and user pages. This includes adding inappropriate/unwanted content to any page on the wiki; deleting information or content that should not have been removed; replacing article pictures with inappropriate/inaccurate pictures; adding spam/spam links; and falsifying information.

Creating Pointless/Useless/Irrelevant/Personal Articles

Creating articles that do not relate to the subject of the wiki should never be created, and they will likely be deleted immediately after their creation or discovery. Every article on this wiki should relate to the Dead Space: Break-Fast universe. However, there are some articles that exist that were created by the Admins; these articles aren't necessarily about the subject of the wiki, but they still have relevance.

Articles should not be created if they contain personal information or content from a user; this content should only be placed within the user's profile page or talk page.

Harassment and Personal Attacks

Refusal/Ignorance of Following Other Policies

All of the Above