Dead Space 2 Mine
  • Shaped like a human brain.
  • Possesses three small tentacles.

Mines are small, explosive Necromorphs that are produced and launched by Cysts.


Mines are very annoying and come out of Cysts if approached. Mines have small bulbous pustules on them and what appears to be another pustule or a brain at the top. They do not have much control of their motions once shot out of a Cyst but if caught with Kinesis they will attempt to hit their prey with their tentacle-like appendages. Also, if held in suspense they will make high-pitched noises.


  • While they appear to have their own free will, they cannot control their motions unless stopped first. They do not seem to be able to propel themselves in any way, shape, or form and thus why they rely on Cysts for travel.