Noah Pawling
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  • Alejandro Borges' cousin.

Noah Pawling is an engineer who served aboard the USG O'Bannon. He is Alejandro Borges' cousin.


Noah Pawling was one of the engineers (along with his cousin, Alejandro Borges, and Omar Nayim) sent to Aegis VII to monitor a gravity stabilizer to prevent the planet from destabilizing.

Immediately after stabilizing an overload of the gravity stabilizer, Noah was ambushed by a crazed Nickolas Kuttner whom smashed a large wrench into Noah's helmet. Noah was able to dodge Kuttner's second swing of the wrench, but it struck the control panel behind Noah and caused a major malfunction to the gravity stabilizer. The computer was overwhelmed to the point of it exploding and sending Pawling and Kuttner flying onto their backs. This resulting blast inflicted severe injuries to Noah's already damaged body, which proved to be fatal when Isabel Cho checked Noah's vitals. Noah was only able to whisper a few words before dying in his cousin's arms only seconds later.




  1. In Alejandro's flashback, Isabel Cho says Noah was 19 years old.