Puker DS2
  • Acid-eaten cavities along the throat and frontal torso.
  • Clawed, deformed hands.
  • Third leg made of necrotic flesh.
  • Launches projectiles of corrosive bile.
  • Vomits a damaging stream of corrosive bile.
  • Slashes with its disfigured claws when approached too closely.
  • Grabs its prey and executes it with acidic vomit.

A Puker is a Necromorph that is somewhat similar in appearance to a Slasher except that a Puker retains full use of its arms, and does not have elongated blades sprouting from its palms.


Pukers rely on their acidic vomit as a means of offense and do not sem to rely on using their talon-like fingers. They can launch acidic bombs from a great distance which slow down prey and allow them more time to get closer and finish them. Once closer Pukers use acidic vomit to "eat away" at their prey, slowing them down even further and causing great deals of pain. Pukers, even when decapitated, can still launch their acidic projectiles at people.


Standard Puker

Enhanced Puker

These are basically Enhanced Necromorphs, in Puker form. That's all they are. We have a page for Enhanced Pukers. Go check it out.


  • Pukers "acid bombs" can be caught with Kinesis and be used to kill almost any Necromorph in one hit.
  • Pukers, when hit with Stasis, are very fun to kill. Because then you can watch all the acidic puke erupt from their dismembered bodies in SLOW-MOTION :3