Dead Space Hunter2
The Hunter
  • The Hunter is similar in appearance to a Slasher, though it is larger and is able to regenerate any dismembered limb.
  • The Hunter closes in, slashing and impaling victims with its blades.

The Hunter is a Necromorph that is first encountered by Isaac Clarke in Chapter 5 of Dead Space: Break-Fast.


The Hunter is a very large, somewhat rusty brown color that resembles a large Slasher. It's body is extremely lacerated and appears the most damaged out of all the Necromorph species. This completely differs from the Ubermorph however as it is undamaged in all ways. It is one of the very few man-made Necromorphs, the other being the Brute (although this was later made by Necromorphs and the Marker.) It was created by Challus Mercer and was kept in a giant tube until released. It did not act like other Necromorphs however, as it seemed to only chase Isaac and did not attack Mercer even though he was still alive, this may show he had some control over its actions.

The Hunter possesses a unique ability that is only share with few other Necromorphs, the main one being The Ubermorph. This unique ability is that to be able to regenerate lost limbs, no matter how many times they are shot off.

It stalks Isaac throughout most of the game, but only appears a few times. Its growl can often be heard in the vents above and around you, but is not seen. This is most notable in the Medical Bay of the USG Ishimura, as this is where it orginated.


  • The Hunter is unable to regenerate lost limbs, but its rate of regeneration is slightly slower than that of the Ubermorph.
  • The Hunter typically travels with Enhanced Necromorphs or with Pregnants.
  • The Hunter is put into Cyrogenic Freezing by Isaac, and is later burned to death.